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Majority of the Internet users use Microsoft's Internet Explorer to browse the web. Internet Explorer (IE) is the entry point to most of the security problems in Windows. There are many security holes in IE, therefore Microsoft releases security patches evey now and then to fix these security holes.

Consider you are entering any website using IE. Even without clicking on any link or image on that webpage it is possible that your computer is infected by a spyware. Hackers can use these security holes to install vspyware in the computer without you doing anything on the webpage.

Not only spyware, Pop up Adware, Home Page Hijacking are some of the other common problems in Internet Explorer. It is true that if you update your windows frequently, you can fix these holes and keep your computer safe.

To escape from all the problems identified above, you can start using the free Firefox browser. Another reason for using Firefox is that Microsoft has announced it will not release any security patches for Internet explorer for Windows 95, 98, 98 SE and ME users. Security patches for Internet explorer will be released only for the Windows XP users.

Firefox is a free internet browser provided by Mozilla, which can be downloaded from here.

How to install Firefox browser?

As mentioned above, download the installation file. Close all the windows applications especially the Internet Explorer windows. Now locate the downloaded firefox executable file and double click. The Firefox installation wizard will run. Just follow the steps and install the Firefox browser.

You can also import all your preferences and favourites from your Internet explorer settings to your Firefox browser. The 'favourites' in IE is called as 'Bookmarks' in Firefox.

Not only favourites, you can also bring History, Passwords etc from your Internet explorer to your firefox. For this, during the installation of Firefox, the 'Import Wizard' will ask you whether you want to import all your IE settings to firefox, if you choose 'Yes' then just follow what the wizard shows.

How to use Firefox?

Just like Internet Explorer, Firfox is a web browser. Hence you can use it very easily. However there are some differences between internet explorer and firefox. To read more about firefox you can access this page www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/index.html .

To download IE View software in Firefox

With firefox you can enter any website in the Internet. However some websites are specifically created for IE and support only Internet Explorer. Especially, Microsoft's 'Windows Update' or 'Encarta' sites support Internet Explorer browser only. You cannot do windows update using Firefox browser unless you download IE View software.

There is a way to cheat websites that need Internet Explorer browser. We can make firefox show itself as IE to these websites and access them successfully. IE View software developed by Paul Roub can do this. You can download IE View freely at https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/35/

Now to use IE View, just view the webpage normally in firefox. Right click on that page and select 'View this page in IE' option for IE targeted sites.

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