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You can become a great artist by using computer. The computer provides paint, brush, and canvas to create an image based on your imagination. It makes not only pictures and also makes map, logo wallpaper, and letterhead as you like. For this, you use Photoshop, Corel draw painting software’s. You will buy these software’s or to use equaling share ware programs like paint shop pro etc. For compare to this the free painting programs have less facilities. You can download these free painting programs from Internet.

If you enter Crayola websites you can draw the pictures and enjoy it. Windows operating system have free painting program. That is MS Paint. You can use this to draw the pictures. To open the MS Paint click Start => Programs => Accessories => Paint. Now we have a paint program. The Canvas placed center in this. You are drawing in this canvas. The Toolbox is left side in this canvas. Toolbox has more tools for drawing. Below in the canvas have more colors part. That is a Color Palette. The Menu Bar is above in the canvas.

To Change Canvas Size:

You decide that can you draw the picture in displaying canvas. If you cannot draw that, change the canvas size for any unit like inches, centimeter, and pixel. To change the canvas size click Image Attribute. Type length and width then click OK.

We can use two colors at a time in MS painting program. One is background color another one color is to use drawing in foreground. These two colors are in color palette starting. To change the foreground colors to left click any color in color palette. Now you can see color changed in color palette starting. To change background color to right clicks any color in color palette. If you draw to pressing left click the drawing have background color. If you draw to pressing right click the drawing have background.

Now the canvas and colors are ready then we start to draw the picture. For using in this, the MS Paint gives more tools. If you place mouse in any tool that give a tool name. The MS Paint gives more tools to use drawing. These are Pencil, Brush, Air Brush, Line Curve, Rectangle, Polygon, Ellipse and Rounded Rectangle. If you click one tool more sub tools display below in that tool. It denotes that tools size. For example if you clock Line tool, we have different lines depends upon width to use drawing. We can change the tool that tool size at any time. If you draw wrongly, you can erase that to use Eraser tool. It’s had some different sizes. If you want to type Text in picture to click Text tool and make a rectangle in canvas. Then you can type letter in that rectangle. You can change letter font, size and style.

If you use Rectangle and Ellipse tools, to press these tools with shift key we get square, rectangle respectively. Same as that to press shift key with Rounded Rectangle tool we get rounded square. We want to fill the color in closed object to use Fill with Color tool.

If you want only one part to maximize for painting, you click Magnifier tool then click that part. Now that part is to maximized. If you want to change part size to normal to click Magnifier tool than click that part. The MS Paint gives Free Form Select and Rectangle Select tools to select one part in picture. The Rectangle Select tool used to select square/Rectangle, the Free Form Select to use select other shapes. Then give Edit Copy command, now that part is copy to clipboard. After that you can paste this in any place. If you want to change foreground color to a particular color then click Pick Color tool and then click particular part. This tool is also called as Eye Dropper.

To save the Picture:

We can save the picture to BMP format in MS Paint. BMP means Bitmap. The windows 98-second edition and other edition released after that have BMP, GIF, and JPEG Formats.

To give special effects:

If you click Image menu you got a more commands. We can rotate the pictures, invert the picture, and enlarge the picture like rubber, to slope the picture. You can use this facility for your drawing and became a great artist.

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