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Assume that you are creating a text document. In that document you may want to use a block of text repeatedly in various places in the document. Or you may want to put a logo or a small image in multiple places in the document. For doing this, you need not copy and paste every time from the place where the text is present in the document. Document scrap feature is just for this purpose.

Just copy the text or the image or anything in the document which you want to paste in multiple places and bring it (drag and drop) to the desktop. That will become a text page icon on the desktop. Below the icon, you will see the title as the 'document scrap' followed by the first few letters in the block of text. This enables easy identification of the icon for future use.

Now whenever you need this block of text just drag and drop it to wherever you want to copy it. Or you can copy and paste it in any windows applications. This type of document scrap facility is available in applications such as Word, Paint, Word pad, Coral, Word perfect etc.

You can create any number of document scraps and paste it in your desktop. And then you can just drag and drop them wherever you want in your applications.

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