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Many generate reports using Access 97, Access 2000, Access 2002 and Access 2003 software. Then they take print outs of these reports. But only then will they realize that it would be nice if there was a 'cover page'. Generally, a cover page will have details such as the Objective of the report, Abstract, Recipients details, Report Title and any other information about the author.

Usually, many create 'cover pages' for reports generated in MS Access in MS Word. Then they distribute the report generated in MS Access together with the cover page created in Word. If you distribute the printed copy then you can combine these two documents and then distribute together. But if you need to send an email to others then you will have to attach two files as attachment and the recipient will have to open two files one in Word and the other in Access.

Instead of attaching two files if you could just send one file (.MDB) won't it be better. This is possible only if you can create a cover page using MS Access.

Steps to create cover page in MS Access

In a report, there are many sections such as 'Report Header', 'Page Header', Details' and 'Page Footer'. The Report Header will only appear in the beginning of the report. Similarly the Report Footer will only appear at the end of the report. Page Header and Page Footer will appear at the top and bottom of each page respectively. The 'Details' section will appear in each line.

To create a cover page in MS Access you will have to carry out the following four activities.
  1. You have to open the Access Report in 'Design View'
  2. Increase the height of the 'Report Header' to occupy the whole page
  3. The contents of the coverpage has to be typed in this 'Report Header' section
  4. Insert a 'Page break' at the end so that the report starts from the next page.

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