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A feature in web browser and software that let’s you fill in the blanks faster when entering the same names and address you routinely use. Auto text entry saves your text entries, and compares them with new entries. As soon as you type a few letters, it presents you with a list of possible candidates to choose. Auto complete is very useful for typing in long name such as web address (url’s). For example such a sentence office of the director of collegiate education Chennai. To do this goes for insert  auto text and specify the sentence, which you want. Now you get a window containing more option. Then make a assurance that whether a tick mark is presented on the opposite of “Show auto complete Suggestions”

Easy way to make Auto entry: -

Just select and highlight the sentence and press Alt + F3. Now u get a Create Auto Text Window here the highlighted word would be displayed then give OK. Now you get the Auto Text entry option in your word.

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